The dangers of cross training.


Yesterday we ran the Niagara 50km Ultra (more on that later) so today Dan didn’t want to run, I decided we should go for a bike ride!  We got up had a nice breakfast, applied sunscreen and headed to the parking garage to grab our bikes.  But lo and behold our tires were lacking in air since we hadn’t been on the bikes since last fall.  No big deal we’ll pump them up, except I only have a crappy little hand pump, plus I have weird tires that don’t seem to like to take air from my crappy little hand pump.  So after much pumping and a few curse words we thought we were ready to go.  I took my bike on a little spin of the parking garage, when suddenly…well I don’t really know what happened.  I was too busy looking at my tires trying to decided if they were pumped up enough and WHAM! I’m on the ground and it hurts and there’s blood.  I yelled something like “I’m bleeding” Dan rushed over, I think he thought it was funny until he saw my face.  So it turns out I was distracted and bumped into the wall that jumped out in front of me and I used my face to break my fall.  (And before you ask, no I did not have my helmet on yet, bad me.)

Needless to say I didn’t go on my bike ride.  Dan got me up stairs and somewhat cleaned up before he had to go back to the parking garage to clean my blood up.  It did occur to him as he was doing this just how bad it might look should stumble upon him.  Thankfully no cars were damaged, and it looks like I only broke the rear light on my bike (???), not too sure about my nose though.  Good thing I work in an x-ray clinic.  I promise to fill you in on the race yesterday, once my brain has stopped rattling!

Yes it hurts as bad as it looks.


8 comments on “The dangers of cross training.

  1. mum & Gaz says:

    For goodness sake – that looks painful ! what is it with you ???- you are as bad as your mother in law who swims in to swimming pool walls! take care H ! hope you feel better soon x x x Gaz
    Lets face it H ( no pun intended !) dont think your helmet would have helped you in your face on collision with the wall
    hope your face is back to its lovely self very soon xxx Ann

  2. raceinpieces says:

    Thanks you guys. My biggest problems is that I can only breath through my mouth, and that is so annoying my throat is so dry. Trying to convince Dan to get me something cold to drink! On the bright side last time I damaged my face I almost drowned and needed stitches, no fears of that this time!!!

  3. Laura McGugan says:

    You wrecked my bike!!! ( just kidding) I am glad you only suffered minor injuries could have been very bad if out on the road. Tell Dan he has to do whatever you want or need. Take care of yourself heres to a speedy recovery.

    • raceinpieces says:

      Thanks Laura. The bike is great, i look forward to riding it again after the death race (dan has banned me from the bike til then). Hopefully I will look like me when I see you next!

  4. Gary McGugan says:

    Oops! Painful, I would imagine, is a bit of an understatement. Hope you recover quickly. Take it easy for a few days!

  5. Mom says:

    Heather, I am glad that Dan has barred you from any bike riding until after the death race. But I still say a for sale sign on the bike would be best! Hope you are not too sore and that your beautiful face is healed soon. Do not be surprised if people ask you how the other guy looks!

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