Shopping counts right?


So here is a quick rundown of the past weekend, sorry it’s so lame but somehow life has been busy this week!


  • Bumped my head getting water out of the fridge, not really a big deal but Dan actually heard it. There may have been tears.  Ouch.  Good start.
  • We were delayed leaving my parents place because some smart-ass kids stuck an egg in the car exhaust.
  • Delayed again after receiving call that I forgot my purse.
  • Delayed again trying to find trailhead finally gave up and went to Albion Hills.
  • There was a weird bike race on, thought I was going to experience what getting hit by a bike was like.
  • Hiking poles=lightning.
  • Returned home only to shop for 3 hours.  Total time on feet 7.5hrs.


  • We slept in, so we left late.
  • Everyone was grumpy on the trails.
  • Running on tired legs hasn’t been getting easier, so we stopped (actually we were still walking) for a freezie.

    Enjoying a much deserved break.

  • Room to go’s were visited.
  • Tried smoked salmon jerky, tasty, high in salt but disappointingly low in calories.
  • We lost of track time and kept saying good morning to passersby, it was 2pm.
  • Saw some inspirational graffiti.

    Very fitting at 24km of a 30km run the day after a 30km trail run.

  • And finally even though we were exhausted we managed to clean our condo!! (It was getting bad, embarrassingly bad.)

    We finished our run before we reached the condo so we stopped for some hydration.

3 comments on “Shopping counts right?

  1. Dan says:

    We managed to clean the condo, which we was this?

  2. mum & Gaz says:

    am amazed that you can even keep eyes open long enough to see any dust given your training programs !
    keep it up though it must be getting tough now

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