Wash out!


This morning we returned to the scene of the crime, the Dundas Conservation Area.  We enjoyed our run so much last week that we decided to try out some of the other trails around the area.  We also needed to start running with our trekking poles, so we were up early and parking at the trails at 730am.  The skies were grey and over cast but we weren’t too worried, we were armed with our rain gear, lot’s of food and water.

We headed out at a gentle pace for a while and then decided to bust out the poles.  Well, they were a little trickier to get used to than I had imagined, so we had to stop and adjust them often, in the end we opted to “power” hike for the rest of our loop.  The plan was we would dump the poles in the car and run another loop.  The rain started half way through the loop but it was nice, and we weren’t bothered since we were under tree cover, however we started to hear some thunder in the distance.  As we trekked on the sky got a little darker and then the lightning started.  First off just let me say I am very afraid of thunder storms, always have been and I really don’t see that changing anytime soon.  So I was starting to feel a little uneasy but there wasn’t much we could do we were in the middle of a trail.  But as the lightning got closer (which meant the thunder was louder, it sounds like the sky is falling!) I started to get nervous about us waving a metal pole in each hand, isn’t that how golfers get struck by lightning?  The rain was picking up as well, so I stopped to put on my rain jacket, Dan had actually decided to leave his coat at home today since he was tired of always carrying it and he never needed it (hahaha!).

By the time we hit the “orchard”, a lovely open field, it was pouring.  The trail started to flood a little bit so the hiking pole effort was off, we collapsed the poles and started to run, fast.  We hit a fork in the trail and were digging out the map to confirm which direction we should be heading, when a mountain biker stopped and helped us, as he peddled off he said “mind the lightning”.  What? How does one mind the lightning? We pondered this on our run back to the car.  Needless to say we were soaked (except for where my coat covered me) but thankfully we figured this trail running thing out and had a towels and dry clothes in the car.  Unfortunately for Dan we have a Mazda 3 so he can’t really change in the car, he managed to change quite fast and get in the car still dry.  As we left the parking lot it was like nightfall the sky was so dark, it was a slow drive home but we made it.

Only thing left to do is get up and try it all again tomorrow!

3 comments on “Wash out!

  1. Mom says:

    I know how serious you guys are about your running, but to anyone who does not your last post would be condidered seriously funny. Hope you have better weather tomorrow.

  2. Mom says:

    oops I mean considered!

  3. mum & Gaz says:

    have to admire your perseverance !

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