Ready for the Canadian Death Race. Sort of.


Last week we received a phone call that made us feel like we won the lottery, well actually it turns out we did win a lottery.  It’s wasn’t a monetary or prize lottery it was a hotel room, and to be clear we will have to pay for the room.  That’s right we were ecstatic to find out we had a room. And rightly so with only 5 hotel/motels in Grande Cache, AB, accommodation is scarce with many people camping.  Dan and I like to camp but somehow I wasn’t keen on the idea of camping two nights before a 125km race (over two mountains).  I figure afterwards I’ll be able to sleep anywhere, but I wanted comfort the nights leading into our 24 hour run.  We started calling in January to secure a room, before we had even managed to register for the event. But the hotels have done this before and all refused bookings for the death race weekend, but we were offered wait lists and lotteries. Of course we put our names on all of them and were then told to sit tight until May or maybe June!

I didn’t like this so we tried a different route of renting an RV/camper van.  No luck there either, apparently the middle of summer in Alberta is a busy time for camping and the smallest RV was a 23 footer, and not cheap (especially with gas prices rising).

Our most recent endeavor was to try to figure out what size vehicle we’d need to rent for Dan to sleep comfortably in because it looked as though we were camping and I wanted somewhere dry to sleep if rain should come our way.

So you can imagine what a relief it was to receive a phone call last week offering us a room at the Best Western. It may be a little more than we would have liked to have paid but there was no chance I was missing out on a room with a double bed, bathroom and mini fridge!!!

So tonight I secured us a rental car (compact since we shouldn’t been sleeping in it). Flights were already booked, so we are more or less set…except for the ever-important crew.  Anyone going to be in Grande Cache over the August long weekend???


7 comments on “Ready for the Canadian Death Race. Sort of.

  1. Alison says:

    Steve and I are available to crew! Are you paying for flights and such? If so we are IN!

  2. Mom says:

    Wish I was…but if I win my lottery (meaning a substantial win, like lotto 649) than I will be there with bells on and I would bring your dad too!

  3. Love following your guys blog…its a lot of fun. Facts and humour…my style. Providing i survive this weekends 100 mile run in the mud, then i will be in GC this summer for death Race and will have some crew who may be able to help.

  4. mum & Gaz says:

    would give anything to be there crewing for you

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