The Marathon: Part 2


The self doubts I had been experiencing evaporated as soon as the race started; I was more than trained to do this distance. Like so many “first times” what was to follow would at times be exciting, all consuming, and leave me feeling sleepy but eager to do it again, however it did differ in that I would have liked it to be over faster!!!!

Half way and feeling good!

I was under strict instructions from Heather not to treat this as a race it was supposed to be a long slow training run (with no traffic). Interesting coming from the girl with klaxon amnesia but I am an obedient husband so long and slow it is.  The plan was to stick with the 4:30 pace bunny, I diligently did just that, well at least until we hit the 2km when the pace group took their first walk break. They were doing 10 and 1’s not something I have trained to do. So after 12 mins of the marathon I was on my own, after 19km I was just behind the 4:15 pace group so much for pacing myself.

Everything seemed to be going peachy, at 21km I had passed the 4:15 group and shortly after ran past Heather and Big Sister cheering me on. This great feeling stayed until the 30km mark, which I hit at 2:59 (far too fast). The last 12km were not going to be as great, the weather deteriorated the rain got heavier and the head wind picked up, so that last stretch was a real grind.    To make it worse the lakeshore stretch of the race is pretty dull and the weather meant not many spectators to cheer us on. The highlight of the final push was meeting a fellow DeathRacer, really helped pick up my spirits and it is always good having someone encourage a sprint finish – cheers fella.

The final time on the clock was 4:18, not lightening quick but a lot of fun. I’m particularly proud of my quick turn around from finish line to pub.

Bring on our first ultra.

The race was THIS big...


One comment on “The Marathon: Part 2

  1. mum & Gaz says:

    Judging by the big grin on your face you enjoyed that! Well done Dan!

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