Is that the Easter Bunny or Mommy?!


This weekend we covered 57km. Good Friday we took advantage of the day off work and the good weather and the good company for a 33km run.  By good company I’m talking about my mommy.  My mom is currently training for the Toronto half marathon and needed to do a 20km run so for a change of scenery she joined us downtown.  We designed a route that would have us finish 20km near a subway station so mom could get home.  The run was great not overly eventful except for our first food break. And oh what an event!  Mommy had procured something I had been desperately seeking…Honey Stinger Waffles!!!  And not just one to try a whole case! Getting off topic… the Stingers are a definite swallow by Dan’s standards.  They truly are awesome, so tasty, not dry and so light and easy to carry.  And thanks to my mom her local running store is now willing to order us case’s!!!

Saturdays run was a little tougher.  We waited around until the rain stopped and headed out.  I unfortunately didn’t really believe the weather forecast and over dressed 😦  We found the run a little tough, our legs were tired from the 33km the day before, and I was over heating, but we soldiered on. And before we knew the sun was shinning and there was (almost) a spring in our step.  As this is the furthest we have run back to back we were impressed at how well we faired.  I however have developed little bumps just below my medial malleoluson both feet.  They were bothersome at the end of the run but after some icing they have gone down a little but are still sore.  Needless to say we are happy today is a rest day.

2 comments on “Is that the Easter Bunny or Mommy?!

  1. Mom says:

    My favorite is the treat after the run…chocolate and wine…nice!

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