In a Spin


Thought I was going to get off easy this morning, the weather was dreadful and Heather suggested hitting the gym for some cross training. Compared to the 30km run that we had planned what real challenge could the gym hold in comparison?

We decided to hit up a spin class. I have always said I had wanted to give spinning a crack, but had been worried that it would kick my ass. With our levels of cardio fitness as high as they are I thought I could handle it, I could but only just. After 15 minutes I was sweating like a biggest loser contestant, after 60 minutes I looked like I had been for a swim. Great bit of cross training, but that’s all it was a bit, Heather went to another class and I hit the weights, after 40 minutes of that decided I should put some kms on the treadmill, managed 5 or so and my legs were screaming.

So the morning off the long run ended up being pretty tough, but I loved the workout, the spinning was great even if the music sucked.

Please let the sun come back out.


One comment on “In a Spin

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