Missing miles.


This weekend we had to cover 55km. You’d think by now we’d have this back to back thing down to a fine art but…

Saturday got off to a scary start for me especially. We had our breakfast, got all geared up, turn on watch, turn on watch…code red Miles (my trusty garmin) will not turn on! I feel sick, I charged up Miles Thursday after our hill training why wont he turn on?? Thankfully Dan kept his head and suggested that we plug Miles in and see what happened, battery charging in progress danced around the screen, he must have been turned on in the drawer he lives in and the battery had drained.  But that left us with another problem, no watch. Dan suggests that we just free run…on a 29km run??  Dan cannot pace himself at the best of times, he just runs and then dies, and I spend most of our runs reminding him to slow down.  When would we know when to eat?  Dan’s response “when we’re hungry”, well that’s not going to work since I’m always hungry.  In the end I ended up wearing Dan’s everyday watch that has a timer, so not exact pacing but at least I’d know when to eat.  Disaster averted the run went pretty well. It was a beautiful morning for a run.  We used a looping route that brought us back past our place so we jumped at the opportunity to use the bathroom and change into some less sweaty clothes, we also ditched our packs.  The last 9km of the run was lovely.

The sunny city Saturday morning.

Sunday morning didn’t start too well either.  Miles was back in working condition, but Dan didn’t sleep very well because of a sore shoulder. We’re not really sure when this “injury” occurred but it certainly has caused much whining.  After checking the most current weather forecast we set off on our 25km.  It was a nice morning a little cloudy but pleasant, I feel like we ran past every running group possible which is always so great to see, of course we had to be going against the flow so it made me feel like we were going the wrong way in a race!  At 15km Dan’s shoulder was just too much and he headed for home. (I personally think it was because it was starting to spit, as your shoulder isn’t an important running joint.) Off I headed through Mt Pleasant Cemetery, I really enjoy running through there but Dan finds it weird (another excuse to turn home early).  I had needed a bathroom break for a while and I was hoping the cemetery office would have the answer but they were closed. However just past the offices I spotted a” room-to-go”, I’m usually the last person to venture near a port-a-potty but this one looked different, and I was right.  It was lovely and clean and didn’t smell and was heated!!!!  I almost didn’t want to leave (the rain had picked up) but off I went feeling much better in the bladder but very irritated with the weather report I had read this morning (no rain).  Basically the last 10km of my run was through a thunderstorm.  Not great given my irrational fear of thunderstorms.  This made the last 10km by myself a little more miserable.  Did I mention I was running through a forest by myself with lightening and thunder… that didn’t kill me so I’m beginning to think I may just have a chance at the Deathrace!


2 comments on “Missing miles.

  1. mum & Gaz says:

    I love the way that you name all your gagets – but H have you noticed that you are rapidly becoming a minority – they are all male! – or is that so that you can scream at the stupid “men” !

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