Short entry, if you told me last April that I could be disappointed in a 26km run the day after running a 16km I wouldn’t have believed you but here I am. The intention was to have run 35km but by 12 km I knew I wasn’t feeling right so made the call to cut the run short. Now I know it isn’t nice to point fingers but I blame Vega sports supplements in part. In the on going quest to try new running foods this week we chose Vega power drinks and bars. The morning started with the power drink, which really didn’t mix well very gritty with the look of pond water. So feeling not particularly energized we set off, my hydration pack was irritating me in no time and shortly after the pack bladder started to leak grrrrreat! Heather has already had to return her bladder and is waiting for the replacement so this now leaves us with no hydration packs. Now admittedly I don’t think the Vega people sabotaged my pack, but they are responsible for the acid burps I am suffering. As we approached the 12 km mark I am struggling to stay motivated we decided to stop for a fuel break. Out comes the Vega bars Heather chose the Green Synergy and I chose the Chocolate Decadence. A little skeptical I cracked open my bar and instantly missed the morning’s energy drink, this has to be the worst fuel we have tried. I was quickly proved wrong however when Heather opened hers neither of us actually managed to swallow the bites we took (see the photos). I took this as a concrete omen to cut the run short.

Really? It can't be worse than the Chocolate...

Mmm, compressed monkey poop.

Get it out! Get it out! Get it OUT!!!!!

Out. And it looks like goose poo.

Immediately felt guilty after throwing it, I've probably just killed a raccoon.

One comment on “Blah

  1. mum & Gaz says:

    Good grief – you are right it does look like geese poo – even same shape ! gross !!!!

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