Not Going the Distance


Heather has already mentioned how great our 30 km was this weekend. This isn’t entirely true we didn’t run 30 km we actually only ran 29.77km, believe it or not this was a deliberate decision. Next weekend we run the Around the Bay, a race that’s claim to fame is to be the oldest road race in North America, a title often given to the Boston marathon. Now Boston certainly is the oldest marathon in North America, but Around the Bay isn’t a marathon it is an unconventional 30km. The race started in 1894 three years before Boston, a big motivation behind creating the race seems to have been the gambling opportunities it allowed. However it has also bred some great runners, Jack Caffery and William Sherring had the best of the early races, with the two of them later making up 1st and 2nd place in a Canadian sweep of the 1900 Boston marathon. With all this history it seemed a little rude and uneventful to run my first 30km just on a training run, that’s why, I decided to cut it just a little short.

The run really was a fun one though, the people were friendly the temperature was perfect and the trail nearly all ice-free. We also got the chance to run past some sculptures we had only seen from the road, never been sure what they are supposed to be and close up I was non the wiser. We took a picture in case you had more of an insight, to me they are watering cans with elephant legs.

Answer's on a post card

Sunday offered more of the same, Heather designed a great 20km route that took in the belt line, Cedarvale park, and some Toronto’s nicest neighborhoods. Don’t worry this route was actually 20.23km, there was no way we were going to short change ourselves on our first 50km weekend! I do have to say though the runners on Saturday were a lot more cheerful. That said we may not have been the picture of sunshine and cheer ourselves, 50km is a long way.

4 comments on “Not Going the Distance

  1. Mom says:

    I always thought they looked like teeth that had fallen out from a giant. Well you asked!

  2. mum & Gaz says:

    they are deff styliised polar bears ! put me in mind of the fox’s glacier mint ad

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