Star Sighting!!!


I’ve been running around Toronto for the last 2 years and have seen many interesting things, but today was my first celebrity sighting (while running).  Toronto is a filming haven and I’ve run by plenty of sets (or been detoured because of them) but never managed to catch a glimpse of any of the stars.  Today was completely unexpected, there was no camera no fan fair,  and I almost plowed into this celebrity as he turned the corner!  However I recovered cooly, punched Dan in the arm so he’d notice who I nearly hit (which of course he didn’t) flashed a big smile and kept on running.  Now I was quite pleased with this citing but I’m almost afraid to say who it was because, well, most people reading this will say “who”?  The show he was on was a reality program that I loved but was sadly cancelled, Project Runway Canada, he was the mentor….Brian Bailey!!  He’s also a designer with his own clothing line and a quite shop on Queen St West.  Just to give you a little more insight into me, well, I’d like to think of myself as a little fashionista and I have a passion for sewing and making things.  So that is why I knew it was Brain Bailey and that is why I was excited!

2 comments on “Star Sighting!!!

  1. mum & Gaz says:

    Gaz is now singing ” wont you come home Bill Bailey” think you celeb spot has passed him by !

  2. Dan says:

    She really did hit me. I missed Brian because I was too busy rubbing my arm!!!

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