Spring In My Step


What a beautiful day for a run. This morning we set off on a 30km jaunt, it was sunny,a pleasant temperature and it stayed that way! We tried out a new route that took us north along the Lower Don trail and into Taylor Creek park.  It is a great trail despite running along side a major highway, you really don’t notice the traffic.








It was alive with runners, walkers, and cyclists. There is something special about a morning run where everyone you pass responds to your hello’s or even greets you first!

We did still find some stretches of ice along the trail which was a surprise but after one close call we just walked/slid carefully along them.  Our pacing was spot on although I could use a leash to actually keep Dan in check!

A great run that finished with our post run ritual/visit to our local coffee shop.  Hope tomorrow brings more of the same!


5 comments on “Spring In My Step

  1. Mom says:

    It sure makes up for the crappy runs!

  2. mum & Gaz says:

    its always great when the weather picks up – but have to say NO matter how nice it was – i would not be out there running for 30 K – if i wore a hat – i would take it off to you both !

  3. Gary McGugan says:

    Heather / Dan: Delighted to learn that you enjoyed your run through the trails of the lower Don. You may know that it continues almost all the way up to Steeles Avenue, with only a small section where you need to run alongside a street. When we lived in Thornhill, I often rode down to the lake using this trail thru the parks, and enjoyed it every time. I noticed the same thing about the friendliness of people exercising!

    Keep up the great training work!

    Uncle Gary

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