The Numbers Game


In my line of work everything boils down to a numbers game, the potential for success and failure calculated on the basis of historical trends. Lets apply some of this logic to the ‘race’, last year 335 people started the race with just 150 finishing a success rate of less than 50%. To put that in ratio terms that is just under one in two people managing to go the distance, worrying when you think that our team comprises of two. For a long time I have been making light of not just the training but also how hard the race will be, this fact is somewhat sobering, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have this blind belief in my ability. After all it is this self-belief that has allowed me to achieve what I have to date, experience and skill are great but without belief they are assets limited to the observation of others, belief only requires one fan.

Additional numerical facts;

Apparently I will be burning 25,706 calories over the course of the Deathrace.

Taking 132,812 steps in succession to complete the race, 12% of the total traveled by the average person annually.

To replenish my burnt calories I will need to drink 171 bottles of beer (based on drinking Steamwhistle).

What better motivation to train.


3 comments on “The Numbers Game

  1. Paul Baggaley says:

    Hey Dan, you know I can help with the beers but seriously ( steamwhistle ) it’s rancid !! I would rather drink Stella and wake up with a huge headache 🙂 anyway keep up the training !!

  2. jsawyer66 says:

    Here are a few more numbers for you since I know a little about beer and consuming it – To get that calorie total you will need to drink:
    Heineken – 155
    Guinness Foreign Extra Stout – 146
    Bud Light, Miller Light, St. Pauli Girl NA, Michelob Ultra – 270
    Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine – 87
    Tsingtao, Redhook, Murphy’s Irish Stout, Labatt Blue, Anchor Steam, Foster’s Lager – 169

    I will let you do the math if you decide to share the calories between those or numerous others.

  3. mum & Gaz says:

    you will always have more than one fan – we are so proud of you both, you are so right will power and self belief are powerful tools – as is the thought of 171 beers – just think you would have to drink even more if you opted for a lite beer ! not that you ever would!

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