And We’re Back


Sleek new snowshoes.




Well after a few weeks of craziness, things are back to the norm and I’ve finally had time to sit down write about what we’ve been up to.

First off we had a visit from my in-laws for two weeks.  We had a great time and mostly managed to keep our training up, actually, I was able to keep my training up Dan is another story.  While the in-laws were here we experimented with some new cross training.  First off was snowshoeing, we went to Hardwood Hills

Heading to the trails.

and managed to do the full 5km snowshoe loop (although I think my father in-law would have happily settled for half that).  I hadn’t snow shoed since Girl Guides when we had to wear the big tennis racket looking things on our feet, thank goodness snowshoes have changed with the times as I can now report that they are easy to use and even fun!  And what a work out, Dan figured out that he burnt about 2000 calories.  Plus it was a hilly terrain so we definitely got our burn on.


We also spent two days skiing.  Although I don’t know if that really counts as cross training since downhill skiing in Ontario consists mainly of waiting in a queue for the lift and a 30 second ski down.  I use snow blades so technically I should be having to use my legs and core a little more but I find the hills so short that the only way to get any speed is to just go straight!

My sister and I even used the gym at the resort where I did my first treadmill interval/hill run.  I avoid treadmills as much as possible so actually using a ‘program’ was quite fun and I think my sister got a kick out of watching me panic every time the incline changed and it got faster!  This is where I started to lose Dan, he didn’t bother coming to the gym and then we both skipped a mid-week run, on the weekend we were supposed to do back to back 17km but Dan only managed Saturday and then got sick (proper man sick = whiney).  I was able to keep my running up mainly because I was happy to get out of the house and away from Mr. Sickie!

So then it was off to Jamaica for a week, I’m not complaining about this just filling you in.  We were in a wedding there.  And it was fun, but the gym at the resort was terrible (I don’t know why I thought it would be anything but).  My uncle who likes to walk showed me how to get into a gated community next door to the resort where we could run, but I only managed this once.  It’s hard work sitting next to a pool and on a beach, we swam though, that’s some cross training, oh and I may have spent a few nights dancing in the disco…


Dan getting us lost on a well marked trail, I'm sure we'll be fine in Grande Cache..

Anyway it’s back to the grind now.  All systems go.  No more excuses.  And I’m a little freaked out because the counter is saying that we only have 5 months to go!!!!




The Numbers Game


In my line of work everything boils down to a numbers game, the potential for success and failure calculated on the basis of historical trends. Lets apply some of this logic to the ‘race’, last year 335 people started the race with just 150 finishing a success rate of less than 50%. To put that in ratio terms that is just under one in two people managing to go the distance, worrying when you think that our team comprises of two. For a long time I have been making light of not just the training but also how hard the race will be, this fact is somewhat sobering, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have this blind belief in my ability. After all it is this self-belief that has allowed me to achieve what I have to date, experience and skill are great but without belief they are assets limited to the observation of others, belief only requires one fan.

Additional numerical facts;

Apparently I will be burning 25,706 calories over the course of the Deathrace.

Taking 132,812 steps in succession to complete the race, 12% of the total traveled by the average person annually.

To replenish my burnt calories I will need to drink 171 bottles of beer (based on drinking Steamwhistle).

What better motivation to train.