What to do?


We are fully aware that there is going to be many social challenges that will arise during our training. Our first one has arrived, quite literally stepping off a plane, in the form of my in-laws.

You see they are on vacation. We will be eating out a lot, there will be drinking (which Dan always participates in) and late nights.

Don’t get me wrong I’m excited they’re here to visit, but when the trip was planned we hadn’t really decided that we were going to run the Death Race.  They are going to be staying with us for two weeks in our 1 bed plus den condo.  I feel bad for them.  There is no way we’ll be able to be that quiet in the morning.  I have to stick my garmin out on the balcony to find satellites; the sliding glass door sticks so they will probably be awoken, way too early, when on vacation by the sounds of me fighting with said door.

But my biggest fear is the temptation.  It’s going to be so easy to put off a run, stay up too late, and eat too much tasty food.

We are going away for the weekend, away!  This means packing not only for a snowy get away but also remembering all our run gear and well, actually using it.  It means trying to have a life while training for the Death Race, something I’m not sure how to do…


2 comments on “What to do?

  1. Andrea says:

    You can do it!!!!!! Just limit the booze, but the food shouldn’t really affect you with all the training 🙂

  2. mum & Gaz says:

    Cant believe your dedication ! am so impressed with both of your commitment to this challenge – ps dont worry i was always awake ! Gaz can sleep through most things except my fidgeting!

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