Snowy Days

We may not look happy but we were glad to be home.



Saturday was our first failed run.  A part of our training is going to be running long(ish) back to back runs.  We are still in the early stages of this so the distances aren’t  too bad.   The plan was to run 10km Friday and 16km Saturday.  Friday morning went well,even though there was lot’s of fluffy white stuff slipping us up.  I was thankful for my firefly lights I received for Christmas as a section of the run had a power outage, it’s very dark at 5:30am.  I felt great.  Next morning we had a little sleep in and woke at 7am had our typical pre run breakfast, and got dressed for a winter run.  I should mention that it wasn’t snowing when we got up, but as I was locking the door we could hardly see 2 feet in front of us.  Saner people would have gone back to bed, or gone to the gym, but us, no we are going to be Death Racers, a little snow can’t stop us.  Oh and how it did.  I had pretty much had it at 2km but Dan seemed to be chatting away and happy to be running, I couldn’t say anything, he’d think I was wimping out, scared of a little snow.  By 4km Dan didn’t have much to say anymore, and he kept giving me strange looks.   My hair, eyebrows and eyelashes were all white and frozen, Dan is now a little concerned about what his wife will look like at 70.  I suggested we bail to make it a 10km run, 1 or 2kms later Dan suggested we turn immediately, my face was now an alarming shade of red, that may have been early stages of frostbite, I’m glad will never find out.


One comment on “Snowy Days

  1. jsawyer66 says:

    This is a brilliant picture. It sounds like you two are doing well and both enjoying the training. I will definitely keep up to date on your progress.

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